Paper ID                           Status                              Remarks      
SPEE 1001 Under Review  
SPEE 1002 Under Review  
SPEE 1003 Under Review  
SPEE 1004 Under Review  
SPEE 1005 Under Review  
SPEE 1006 Screening  
SPEE 1007 Screening  
SPEE 1008 Under Review  
SPEE 1009 Under Review  
SPEE 1010 Under Review  
SPEE 1011 Under Review  
SPEE 1012 Screening  
SPEE 1013 Screening  
SPEE 1014 Screening  
SPEE 1015 Under Review  
SPEE 1016 Under Review  
SPEE 1017 Under Review  
SPEE 1018 Under Review  
SPEE 1019 Under Review  
SPEE 1020 Under Review  
SPEE 1021 Under Review  
SPEE 1022 Under Review  
SPEE 1023 Screening  
SPEE 1024 Screening  
SPEE 1025 Screening  
SPEE 1026 Screening  
SPEE 1027 Screening  
SPEE 1028 Screening  
SPEE 1029 Screening  
SPEE 1030 Screening  
SPEE 1031 Screening  
SPEE 1032 Screening  
SPEE 1033 Screening  
SPEE 1034 Screening  
SPEE 1035 Screening  
SPEE 1036 Screening  
SPEE 1037 Screening  
SPEE 1038 Screening  
SPEE 1039 Screening  
SPEE 1040 Screening  
SPEE 1041 Screening  
SPEE 1042 Screening
SPEE 1043 Screening
SPEE 1044 Screening
SPEE 1045 Screening
SPEE 1046 Screening
SPEE 1047 Screening
SPEE 2001 Received  
SPEE 2002 Received  
SPEE 2003 Screening  
SPEE 4001 TPC  
SPEE 5001 Received  
SPEE 5002 Screening (Needs Revision)  
SPEE 5003  Screening (Needs Revision)  


Paper Status description

Dear author,
Thank you for considering ICAECT 2019 as a right forum to present your ongoing research and publish your papers. The the conference secretariat takes every possible strategy to ensure the quality of the papers presented at ICAECT 2019. The paper selection process of ICAECT 2019 is fair and meritorious. The international review committee takes care not only to decide if a paper could be accepted but also provide feedback/directions to further enhance the technical content of the paper. After submitting your paper, you can check the status of your paper by yourself. Submitted papers may fall under anyone of the following status.

Received - The paper has been received by the conference scretariat
Screening - Checking for conference scope and theme, originality and paper format/template
Screening (Needs revision) - The screening process has been complete and the paper has potential plagiarism score and the paper needs to be revised before it can be sent for technical review.
Reviewer Selection - Reviewer identification process is on
Under Review - The paper has been sent for review
Minor/Major Revision - The corresponding author has been notified the outcome of the review process along with the review report and expected to submit the revised version
Accept - The paper has been accepted for oral presentation
Reject - The paper has not been accepted for oral presentation based on the screening process or review feedback
Awaiting CRP - Registration has been complete and awaiting for camera ready paper
Registration Approved - Camera ready paper, copyright form and the registration have been complete and the conference office approves the documents submitted and the paper has been sent to the corresponding volume editor of the proceedings.

TPC – With Technical Program Committee

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